Chile has the largest underground mines in the world in terms of production and size. In 2019 In the North of Chile, Chuquicamata Underground PMCHS will start production with ambitious goals for the next few years.  In central Chile, the El Teniente Mine is facing challenging geodynamical stress conditions.

Chile has extensive experience in massive open-pit mining at Escondida.

MassMin2020 is a world class conference which will provide a platform forum for the mining industry around the globe. MassMin2020 will focus on the future of massive mining methods.

Topics in Underground Mining:

  • Preconditioning
  • Caving mechanics
  • Mine planning and design
  • Mine development
  • Material handling systems

Special topics in Smart Underground Mining:

  • Integrated remote operations center
  • Digital data and instrumentation
  • Big data
  • Automation of mining unit operations

Special topics in Surface Mining:

  • Automation and digital transformation of open-pit mining
  • Trends in mineral handling systems
  • Transition and interaction between open pit and underground mining
  • Projects/Case studies