Interview with Rigoberto Rimmelin, Global Practice Lead Geotechnical BHP – Technical Centre of Excellence and Member, Organizing Committee

1. How relevant is MassMin 2020 to mining companies?

  • MassMin 2020 is a conference that offers the industry an opportunity to share our work and vision on mass mining. It is a space where mining professionals can share our experiences in a technical environment and close to universities, consulting companies and suppliers.


2. What is the support they offer from your sidewalk?

  • Mining companies have a natural interest in contributing in different fields, technical work, participating in the organizing committees and contributing with a vision through keynote speakers. In short, being a key player so that a conference of these characteristics can be useful for professionals in the industry.


3. How have you seen the interest in participating? Was there an impact from the pandemic and the change to a virtual modality?

  • Despite the pandemic, there is an interest in the industry to participate in conferences like this one, as they are a means of knowing what other companies are doing and keeping up to date with what the academy is investigating.


4. What are the issues that are on the agenda of mining companies today? Do you see them reflected in this convention?

  • Mass mining is much more than large volumes of production, it is about the technical complexity derived from this productive condition and the technological challenges, as well as aspects related to the social environment of each country in which mining takes place. In this context, we hope that the technical aspects that enable massive mining, as well as the technological challenges that it entails, will be approached from different points of view at this convention.


5. As a sponsor, what has been your priority and contribution? 

  • We support these types of technical conventions as they offer a space to share knowledge and experiences that contribute to the continuous improvement that all mining companies seek.


6. What results do you expect from this Convention?

  • We expect to see a large number of high-level technical presentations, targeting important surface and underground mass mining areas, with particular interest in new topics related to remote operation and integration.


More information:

MassMin2020: The First Virtual Conference in Mass Mining

Santiago, 2020.- The Organizing Committee of MassMin2020 announces to the national and international community that its conference will take place on a virtual platform, thus taking a qualitative technological leap forward in what is known today in Chile and the world about developing face-to-face conferences. This decision was made together with the International Organizing Committee after an exhaustive evaluation of the measures necessary for social distancing, physical contact, and the overall safety of attendees due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the world.

The MassMin2020 Virtual Conference will be held December 9 – 11, 2020, using a state-of-the-art technology platform. The visual and interactive experience will allow access to presentations and virtual exhibition rooms and provide the opportunity to interact in real time with attendees, presenters and sponsors, just like in a face-to-face event.

The sessions will be broadcast live by streaming and once the broadcast is over, they will be recorded and stored within the platform.  In this way, those who are unable to attend any particular session will be able to see it later. Each sponsor’s stand will have videos, interactive chat with attendees, visitor metrics and advertising material available. Finally, there will be a networking lounge so that attendees can interact with each other and exchange messages on topics that interest them.

We invite you to be part of an unprecedented technological leap in the mining industry by accessing the latest knowledge and top professionals in mass mining around the world. You will have access from your home, your office, your work site, or wherever you happen to be, and you will avoid travel times and visa paperwork to attend a world-class conference at a much lower cost and without the concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kind regards,

Organizing Committee,